I’m Still on Rest Days, For Now

Sooo…I made a mistake.  I went too far too fast in new shoes.  I’m an idiot, and not afraid to admit it.  Mind you, I was in denial about it, but then Kyle Kranz (Skora employee and running coach extraordinaire!) contacted me and laid it out for me.  I’d gone too far too fast.  I kind of already knew it, but who wants to admit that they are human?!

Anyway, my friend Evelin (amazing runner!), and Kyle both separately contacted me to inform me that I needed to slow down in the Skora’s for the moment.  So I’m going to follow Evelin’s plan (http://evelinruns.com/how-to-transition-to-zero-drop-running/) on integrating in to my Skora’s full time.  Since I have basically been living in them, outside of work, for the last year I’ll start doing just my warm up in them tomorrow, and next week.  This just means I need to find and dig out my old Asics for the rest of my walk!

Yesterday was actually a good food day for me.  Breakfast was just a gluten-free homemade muffin, and lunch was a GINORMOUS salad with a gluten-free quick bread on the side.  Dinner was chicken and potatoes, and getting smeared with my son’s applesauce.  Such fun!

Look at this bowl of gorgeousness!

Look at this bowl of gorgeousness!

However, my left foot (the previously injured one) is still incredibly tender today.  So tomorrow is going to be a pretty slow moving walk!  I think part of the problem is that I spend all day on my feet at work.  Yesterday was incredibly busy, and stressful, and my feet were swollen by lunch.  So I’m gonna work on getting my feet stronger, and more flexible for running!

Wearing some low profile water shoes.  Comfy!

Wearing some low profile water shoes. Comfy!

My puppy Sadie, and my swollen feet!

My puppy Sadie, and my swollen feet!

So I’m sitting on the couch, instead of cross-training, knowing that J is going to kick my butt tomorrow for not working out today!  However, I still have 6 hours of daylight left, and a son who wants to play outside.  Cross-training may yet occur.  🙂


2 responses to “I’m Still on Rest Days, For Now

  1. Hey, you’re no idiot! We all get carried away at times, I did too when I first tried to run in lower drop shoes , and it resulted in injury + ~8 weeks without running. Not trying to scare you, just saying that it’s VERY easy to do too much, too soon. 🙂

    Good luck with your transition, take it real slow, listen to your body and you’ll do great! Cheering you on from Hawaii!

    • I’m taking your advice, and just doing my warm-up (which is about 5 minutes of moderately paced walking) right now. I’ll only increase by increments, though I’ll admit that I’m considering wearing my Bases at work once my Fits come in. Thoughts? Would spending 8 hours on my feet at work do more damage than good?

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