Stiff, and Sore, and Tender – Oh My!

So, after my 2-miler last night, my feet are SO tender!  So I’m working on stretching my feet out as much as possible, flexing and pointing away!  Now, however, I’m wishing I had some Yamuna foot wakers because they are AMAZING at stretching and settling your feet in to their natural alignment.

Surprisingly enough, my hips, calves, and glutes don’t hurt a bit, but the feet are sore.  I’ll bet if I were just walking in my traditional running shoes I wouldn’t be all that sore, but I’m ready to make the conversion to minimalist shoes!!  Have I mentioned that I love my Skora’s?

I'm cuckoo for my Skora's

I’m cuckoo for my Skora’s

I planned to cross-train today, but instead I’m vacuuming and doing laundry.  Mommy duties don’t slow down for trying to work out and make myself a little better for the little guy.  But I’m leaving the dishes for daddy to do.  Hee hee!


4 responses to “Stiff, and Sore, and Tender – Oh My!

    • Asics, Mazuno, Adidas, Brooks…the usual. 🙂 This was my first “distance” walk in a long time, and my first ever in my Skora’s. It’s all muscle tenderness. My feet are weak, so I’m starting slowly and in relatively short distances. It’s the muscles that wrap around your arches that are so tender. They are just so weak!!

  1. I would suggest that you simply went a bit too far.

    Every new addition to athletics (shoes, terrain, volume, etc) requires a slow and gradual transition to allow your body to adapt. I moved to the treadmill to quickly last winter and had some hamstring tightness for a couple weeks. You may have increased your distance a bit too quickly in the new shoes.

    Generally all it takes is simply backing off a bit. Consider your soreness like if you were to go and do the bench press with a bunch of weight, your chest would be sore for a week! Back off a bit in the Skoras, let your muscles recover, and slowly increase the volume back up.

    If you’ve not seen Evelin’s transition:

    • *sigh* I agree. I expected too much because I’ve been living in them, when I’m off of work, for the last year. I just need to slow it down, and give myself some more time to adjust. Thank you for the advice. 🙂

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