Bring on the Ice!

In the beginning, there were feet in shoes, standing on the asphalt.

In the beginning, there were feet in shoes, standing on the asphalt.

So I walked almost 13,000 steps at work today.  That’s a lot.  But after work, I shucked my Merrill’s and put on my Skora’s for a walk with J.  I put on my super unsexy workout outfit, running tights topped with cut off sweatpants and a sleeveless Old Navy t-shirt, and drove over to J’s office.  I walked around the parking lot, loosening up, did some push-ups and lunges and squats, then met her in her office.  After she got changed from her office garb into a super cute running skirt, shirt, and matching shoe combo, we headed out.  I started my RunKeeper app, and we headed off down the street, dodging cars at stop lights, and talking talking talking.  I told her about “Born To Run,” she asked me to bring it when we meet up on Friday, she told me about her 50K bike ride this past weekend.  We talked about her most recent massage, and how amazed her massage therapist is by the knots in her muscles, and how tight her attachment points are; I talked about how much I miss massage school, and giving massages.  We talked kids, men, the evaluation of our own self-worth, how people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.  Whenever I started waddling, rather than walking, placing too much weight on my heels she would shout “Forefoot!”  Which made me laugh, and reminded me to focus on my steps (as heel striking in minimalist shoes will get you hurt).  And while we talked and joked and laughed, we walked.  We walked 2 miles in 38 minutes.  Not the fastest for either of us, but a good start.  While we were doing a short post-walk stretching session, we discussed cross-training for me tomorrow, and possibly getting together for some bike rides in the near future.  And then we hugged, got a picture, and headed our separate ways until Friday after work.

When I got home, my husband and son greeted me at the door.  I sit down on the couch and watch my little guy run around the room, with equal parts exhaustion and joy all over his face.  After a while, we put him to bed, eat an awesome dinner of BLT’s, and watch a bit of TV before I boot up the laptop to work on my blog (all the while, my wonderful husband is rubbing my feet while we sit on the couch).

So now I’ve walked almost 20,000 steps, and my feet a swollen and tender.  My neck is a little sore, my legs are reminding me just how little exercise I have done in the past two years, and I’m sitting here with a smile on my face.  So I’m going to ice my feet, read a little more “Anne of Green Gables,” and be grateful for my friend who helped me make it through the walk, and my husband and son who make my life all the better.  But for now?   Ice, ice, baby…

J and I post-walk

J and I post-walk


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