Tomorrow…it Begins

My countdown to a new beginning for myself is down to the last day.  Tomorrow I begin my new regime for walking, and then running in a few weeks.  And guess what? A thunderstorm is forecast for tomorrow afternoon.  Really!?  Looks like I’ll be walking to floor of one of the buildings at work, in a very boring circle.  But it’s clean, safe, and dry, if not tremendously fun.  J will still be at work, and my husband will be heading to pick up our son, so it’ll be just me all by my lonesome.  Thank goodness for the new headphones!!

Skora Running just came out with a new shoe called the Fit.  It has gotten great reviews, and has maintained the earthy feel of running barefoot, but with protection for your tootsies.  I wanna try them out so badly!!


Aren't They Pretty!?

Aren’t They Pretty!?

Speaking of new…I’ve got a surprise coming in the mail in a couple of weeks…can’t wait to post about it, but you’ll have to wait for the little bit of joy to get here!   😛


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