I’m Getting Amped…and Scared

Monday is coming up quickly!  Today my dearest husband and I had the day off together, and he was a darling love and took me shopping.  I’m so excited about my purchases!  Two (count ’em, two) new sports bras, a pair of clearance Under Armour running tights, and a new set of headphones.  I have a tragus piercing, so ear buds pop out all the time, and finding a good pair of headphones is really frustrating for me.  So we went to Best Buy and acquired a pair of wireless (squee!) wrap around headphones.  I’m so excited!  No wires, and it links with my phone, so I can stream music on Slacker Radio.  Utter sweetness!

2 new sports bras, and some sweet running tights!

2 new sports bras, and some sweet running tights!

However, knowing that I’m on the line for really starting to get out there and make myself move again has me really nervous.  J is my accountability partner, and she will climb up all over me if I try to skip out.  Terrifying!  And I can’t tell you how grateful I am for her.

On the bonus side, I already have my most important piece of “equipment.”  Can you guess what they are?

My feet!  And my Skora's.

My feet! And my Skora’s.


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